Gene­ral Terms of Trade

Ker­zen­farm Hahn

Gene­ral Terms of Tra­de – KERZENFARM HAHN 2021

1. Gene­ral Aspects
All deli­ve­ries are made exclu­si­ve­ly accord­ing to our terms of deli­very and our terms of pay­ment and over­ri­de tho­se of the cus­to­mer. Dif­fe­rent con­di­ti­ons will only be accep­ted after we have given writ­ten agreement.

2. Offer and Pri­ces
Our offer is not bin­ding. Invoice under­lies pri­ces and con­di­ti­ons valid for the date of order. Any dif­fe­ren­ces must be con­fir­med in wri­ting by us. The pri­ces are ex works plus valid taxes; they are not bin­ding. Orders below net value of € 50.00 will not be deli­ve­r­ed. Our mini­mum net value order is € 165.00 wit­hin Ger­ma­ny. Orders bet­ween € 50.00 and € 100.00 will be invoi­ced with a sup­ple­men­ta­ry char­ge of € 10.00, orders bet­ween € 100.00 and € 165.00 with an extra char­ge of € 5.00. Dis­patches wit­hin Euro­pe can be car­ri­ed out from a mini­mum net value of € 300.00; for none-Euro­pean coun­tries, the mini­mum net value amounts € 1500.00.

3. Deli­very Con­di­ti­ons
First deli­ve­ries wit­hin Ger­ma­ny and all deli­ve­ries into Euro­pean and non-Euro­pean coun­tries can only be car­ri­ed out after advan­ce pay­ment has been recei­ved. Delay­ed deli­ve­ries do not jus­ti­fy a claim for com­pen­sa­ti­on. In case of an incom­ple­te deli­very, the­re is no right to demand a com­ple­ted sup­ply at a later date.

4. Dis­patch
Gene­ral­ly ex-work­s/DAP

5. Orders
Orders should be made in wri­ting by fax or by email (

6. Com­p­laints
Recla­ma­ti­ons for dama­ged and faul­ty goods must be sent in wri­ting and be recei­ved by us wit­hin 8 days after rece­i­pt of the goods. Later claims will not be accep­ted. Defects or dama­ge of one arti­cle of the deli­very does not jus­ti­fy clai­ming the who­le deli­very.
Recla­ma­ti­on has to be sent to us eit­her by email or fax; the invoice num­ber must be inclu­ded. Only goods, which have been clai­med befo­re­hand, can be retur­ned and credi­ted by our com­pa­ny. The pick­up of clai­med goods is exclu­si­ve­ly obli­ga­ti­on of KERZENFARM.

7. Terms of pay­ment
by pro­for­ma for all deli­ve­ries into Euro­pean and other for­eign coun­tries less 2% dis­count (trans­fer char­ges have to be paid by the cus­to­mer). Sin­ce 01.02.2014 cus­to­mers out­side Ger­ma­ny can par­ti­ci­pa­te the SEPA-Direct-Debit-Sche­me for com­pa­nies. Plea­se con­ta­ct us for fur­ther infor­ma­ti­on.

for first orders wit­hin Ger­ma­ny: Pro­for­ma pay­ment less 2 % dis­count. In case of a first order can­cel­la­ti­on accep­ted by KERZENFARM a char­ge of 15% Net worth of order will be due after 14days.

by direct debit (wit­hin Ger­ma­ny): you issue aut­ho­ri­sa­ti­on for amount of invoice minus 2% dis­count

by invoice (the inco­m­ing date on our account is valid): Invoice amount is due in full
14 days from the date of issue, in case of pay­ment wit­hin 8 days less 2 % dis­count.
Should pay­ment not be made wit­hin this peri­od, we reser­ve the right to char­ge remin­der
cos­ts as from the first remin­der. As from the second remin­der we shall addi­tio­nal­ly char­ge the cur­rent inte­rest rate per month.

8. Right of pro­per­ty
Deli­ve­r­ed goods remain our pro­per­ty until com­ple­te pay­ment has been fulfilled.

9. Shades of colour
Cand­les pro­du­ced by us will vary in shades of colour. Same Colour Num­bers will vary.

10. Lia­bi­li­ty
We are not liable for any dama­ges cau­sed by our cand­les burning.

11. Acts of God
In the occur­rence of cer­tain unusu­al cir­cum­s­tan­ces bey­ond our con­trol (eg. lack of raw
mate­ri­als), we reser­ve the right to can­cel orders ent­i­re­ly or in part without incur­ring any
pos­si­ble claim for compensation.

12. Court of Juris­dic­tion
is Itze­hoe, Ger­ma­ny (com­mer­cial tra­de regis­ter Itze­hoe, 1795)

With the edi­ti­on of the­se Terms of Tra­de all for­mer terms expi­re.
Nien­büt­tel, 01. Janu­a­ry 2021