Raw mate­ri­als

Rape­seed wax

Rape­seed wax is made from the oil of local­ly grown rape­seed plants, thus pro­vi­ding a natu­ral and sus­tainab­le raw mate­ri­al. The cul­ti­va­ti­on and pro­duc­tion take place in Ger­ma­ny. This wax has a den­se, crea­my to oily con­sis­ten­cy with a colour that varies from light ivory to beige. Rape­seed wax has an excep­tio­nal abi­li­ty to con­tain scen­ted oils, which allows their full aro­ma to be released during burning.

Sun­flower wax

Sun­flower wax and rape­seed wax can hard­ly be dis­tin­guis­hed in their exter­nal appearan­ce. Becau­se of the gent­le refi­ne­ment of natu­ral sun­flower oil, its wax is cha­rac­te­ris­ti­cal­ly bright yel­low or vanil­la in colour. Sun­flower wax cand­les are a desi­ra­ble pro­duct due to their calm and long bur­ning pro­cess. The smooth sur­face gives the cand­le an espe­cial­ly ele­gant appearan­ce. The expe­ri­ence of this pro­duct is roun­ded off by the soot­hing scent of the essen­ti­al oils.

Palm wax

Plant based palm wax is obtai­ned as ste­aric acid from the fruit of the oil palm. As mem­bers of the inter­na­tio­nal RSPO (Round­ta­ble on Sus­tainab­le Palm Oil), Ker­zen­farm sup­ports the sus­tainab­le manage­ment of palm oil plan­ta­ti­ons. Ker­zen­farm has been RSPO cer­ti­fied sin­ce March 2021. This cer­ti­fi­ca­ti­on indi­ca­tes that all links in the sup­ply chain are tes­ted and cer­ti­fied accord­ing to the gui­de­li­nes of the Round Table on Sus­tainab­le Palm Oil and are the­re­fo­re trace­ab­le from the source to the final product.

Licen­se-Num­ber: 9–3465-19–100-00


The high-qua­li­ty bees­wax is a meta­bo­lic pro­duct of the honey­bees, which is used to build brood and honey­combs. The honey bees secre­te the ori­gi­nal­ly clear- and white­co­lou­red wax from their glands. The typi­cal yel­low color is cau­sed by the absorp­ti­on of pol­lens, which con­tain the natu­ral dye caro­te­ne. Bees­wax cand­les burn with a calm fla­me and have a long las­ting burn-time. They are cha­rac­te­ri­sed by their natu­ral scent of honey and sil­ky surface.

Par­af­fin wax

Par­af­fin is a by-pro­duct of the petro­le­um indus­try and is the­re­fo­re of mine­ral ori­gin. The par­af­fin used by the Ker­zen­farm is high­ly puri­fied, RAL cer­ti­fied and food safe. Our par­af­fin cand­les burn gent­ly without drip­ping or smo­king and have a long burn time.

Essen­ti­al oils

Ker­zen­farm only uses natu­ral essen­ti­al oils or natu­ral scen­ted com­po­si­ti­ons. The­se sub­s­tan­ces are obtai­ned from natu­ral sources by steam distil­la­ti­on, extrac­tion or pres­sing of the plants or the
plant parts.