Clas­sic candles

Ker­zen­farm offers a uni­que­ly lar­ge selec­tion of high qua­li­ty din­ner cand­les in dif­fe­rent sizes and more than 40 colours with excel­lent bur­ning cha­rac­te­ris­tics – manu­fac­tu­red in our fac­to­ry in Nien­büt­tel. Solid-colo­red, hand-cast pil­lar cand­les, Comet cand­les (cand­le with the blossom effect), Christ­mas tree cand­les, egg and ball cand­les com­ple­te our ran­ge of clas­sic candles.

Rape­seed wax candles

Cand­les made from pure rape­seed wax, with or without fra­gran­ce, pou­red by hand in various glas­ses, cer­a­mics or stone­wa­re are part of our pro­duc­tion with rene­wa­ble raw mate­ri­als. Ker­zen­farm only uses pure ethe­re­al fra­gran­ces or natu­ral fra­gran­ce com­po­si­ti­ons for adding scent to the cand­les. Feel free to choo­se your favou­rites from our exten­si­ve ran­ge of fragrances!

Palm wax candles

Palm wax cand­les are made from 100% vege­ta­ble palm wax. Pou­red by hand in dif­fe­rent glas­ses, cer­a­mics or por­ce­lains, scen­ted with pure essen­ti­al oils or without scent as pil­lar or din­ner cand­les, you can bene­fit from our wide ran­ge of shapes, colours and sizes. Our palm wax cand­les are cha­rac­te­ri­zed by their excel­lent bur­ning pro­per­ties and the fine, crystal­li­ne struc­tu­re, which gives the cand­le a spe­cial touch of elegance.

Sun­flower wax candles

Sun­flower wax is obtai­ned from the oil in the sun­flower seeds. The sun­flower is one of our oldest use­ful plants. The wax is odor­less and its cha­rac­te­ris­tics and qua­li­ty are com­pa­ra­ble to rape­seed wax. The smooth sur­face struc­tu­re gives the cand­le a spe­cial ele­gan­ce. Sun­flower wax is ide­al for absor­bing our essen­ti­al scen­ted oils.

Bees­wax candles

Our natu­ral cand­les made from pure bees­wax are pou­red by hand or care­ful­ly “rol­led” by hand from she­ets of honey­comb. This high-qua­li­ty wax is clea­ned with spe­cial pro­ces­ses without the use of che­mi­cals. Bees­wax cand­les have a long burn-time as well as a quiet burn. The cha­rac­te­ris­tics of the­se cand­les are the fra­grant honey scent and the natu­ral­ly sil­ky, opa­que surface.

Hur­ri­ca­ne candles

Our Hur­ri­ca­ne cand­le is an atmo­s­phe­ric cand­le and a deco­ra­ti­ve light object at the same time. It con­sists of an appro­xi­mate­ly 12 mm thick, wax cylin­der to which scen­ted oil has been added and various spi­ces and plants have been incor­po­ra­ted. The deco­ra­tively packa­ged Hur­ri­ca­ne cand­les are sup­plied with a glass base and a tea light inside.

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Carou­sels & Pro­pel­ler Sets

Deco­ra­ti­ve carou­sel cand­le hol­ders for tea lights are enjoy­ing incre­a­sing popu­la­ri­ty. After offe­ring the pro­duct ori­gi­nal­ly as a carou­sel, con­sis­ting of a fros­ted glass with metal deco­ra­ti­on, a pro­pel­ler and 5 sil­ver-colou­red pen­dants, we have now expan­ded: Thanks to our ran­ge of pro­pel­ler sets with nume­rous atmo­s­phe­ric pen­dant moti­ves, our cin­na­mon cups, voti­ve cups made of por­ce­lain as well as our lumin­ous voti­ve glas­ses turn into dazz­ling carou­sels with an eye-catching effect.
By com­bi­ning the pro­pel­ler set and the carou­sel base, the­re are around 3000 pro­duct varia­ti­ons to choo­se from.

Cand­le­hol­ders & dishes

Ker­zen­farm offers cand­le hol­ders for din­ner cand­les, tea­lights and pil­lar cand­les in dif­fe­rent ver­si­ons. Made of glass, metal, por­ce­lain or stone­wa­re, you can find the right acces­so­ry for every taste.

Empty con­tai­ners for fil­ling with wax, or for use with a tea light

Ker­zen­farm ful­fills spe­cial cus­to­mer requi­re­ments with a lar­ge selec­tion of por­ce­lain, glass or stone­wa­re con­tai­ners: Fil­led with wax and the matching wick, Ker­zen­farm crea­tes deco­ra­ti­ve cand­les with or without scent for every occa­si­on. Empty Con­tai­ners can also be used just with tealights.

Lamps & glowing objects
made of porcelain

The finest por­ce­lain has some­thing regal about it. For good rea­son, it is also popu­lar­ly refer­red to as “white gold”. At Ker­zen­farm you will find various pro­ducts, such as dome lights, oilbur­ners, voti­ve glas­ses, por­ce­lain lamps and light chains made from this exqui­si­te material.

Scen­ted (half-)balls for use
in oilbur­ner

Our hand-made scen­ted half-balls con­sist of 100% vege­ta­ble palm wax and pure essen­ti­al oils or natu­ral fra­gran­ce com­po­si­ti­ons. You can use them ins­tead of fra­gran­ce oil in our oilbur­ners made of pure white bis­cuit porcelain.

Glowing glas­ses

With the warm light of a glowing glass you can crea­te a uni­que atmo­s­phe­re and set mood accents on the ter­race or bal­co­ny. A tea light, LED tea light or an electric dis­play expres­ses the lumi­no­si­ty of the ima­gi­na­ti­ve moti­ves. Glowing glas­ses are made by hand with gre­at atten­ti­on to detail. With this hand-made tech­ni­que, new designs are con­stant­ly being crea­ted. This pro­duct is avail­ab­le in dif­fe­rent sizes and as lamps.

Home access­ories & deco­ra­ti­ve items

In addi­ti­on to nume­rous access­ories rela­ted to cand­les, Ker­zen­farm offers an appe­aling selec­tion of home access­ories and deco­ra­ti­ve items. From modern to clas­sic or play­ful, the­re is the right deco­ra­ti­on for every taste.

Dis­plays & accessories

In order to pre­sent our cand­les pro­per­ly in your shop or at tra­de fairs, Ker­zen­farm offers a wide ran­ge of high-qua­li­ty sales dis­plays. You can dis­play your pro­ducts, e.g. din­ner cand­les, dome lights, glowing glas­ses or glass carou­sels, in the right per­spec­ti­ve – gua­ran­te­eing good sales.